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Supporting Wings is meant for all those who work with children and are interested in counselling. All adults working with children should get acquainted with the basics of counselling and be able to work in a healing and supportive way.

The book consists of six major topics. These are Counselling Children, Children as a Field of Operation, Preventive Counselling, Care Counselling, When Counselling Is Not Enough (professional care) and Organising Counselling.

The premise of the book is empowering children rather than a focus on problems. The goal of counselling children should be to support a healthy growth and development of a relationship with God. This will prepare the child to face life’s challenges and crises from which he or she cannot be protected.

The National Children’s Ministry Committee of Iso Kirja College coordinates and produces material for the children’s ministries in churches. This publication has been brought together by Päivi Asikainen, Fida International children’s ministry training coordinator Päivi Isoaho, head editor of Jees and Noste magazines and children’s ministry coordinator of Iso Kirja College Tuulikki Laamanen, kindergarten teacher Riitta Parkkinen, doctor of children’s psychiatry Kristiina Virkkilä, kindergarten teacher and Markku Virkkilä, doctor of medicine.

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Hinta: 21,15 €
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